Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Prodigy Oil and Gas| Importance of Petroleum

Importance of Petroleum
Petroleum is crying needed thing in this time. We are dependent to petroleum but only a few resources we have, where we find petroleum. We know that it is a kind of fossil fuel. But it has another name, which is called crude oil. Naturally, crude oil or petroleum are created by millions year’s old dead animals and plants. Most of the time we found petroleum resources under the sea, because there are tons of animals and trees are growing under sea and they died here reasonably. These dead bodies and plants aren’t touched by anyone ever and there are too much heat and pressure under the sea beach. So, after millions of year they are changed to fossil fuel. As it created by thousands year you can’t renew it again.

But the most astonishing news is these petroleum resources are still live. Scientists say that most of the oil resources are four hundred million years old where our world is four billion years old. They also say that the dinosaurs are removed from the earth more than two hundred and forty eight million years ago. Actually petroleum is a mixture of hydrogen butanes and olefin that is a powerful material to make petroleum. 

Petroleum is only when it is outside of ground level. When it is outside of the ground level, it could be sized by anything. Sometimes it is like water, sometimes tar etc. Scientist couldn’t say anything about a hidden resource of petroleum that actually what it looks. It always varies from place to place, time to time. Clear crude oils are defined by scientist as a light crude oil. The other crude oils are so dark and solid.

So, that’s the importance of petroleum. Hope to share with you more in future. You can also visit our slideshare page to know about prodigy oil and gas. Thank you.

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