Saturday, April 27, 2013

Prodigy oil and gas | Test Result on Duke II Prodigy Oil and Gas

Prodigy oil and gas.
Valued Partners,
   We are very pleased to formally announce the official test results on  Duke II (Haggard A) well, the testing of this well has been performed by FESCO Petroleum Engineering Services. Please review the attached flow back report. In the final hour of the test the Haggard A maintained a Flowing Tubing Pressure (FTP) of 640 psi on a 22/64” Choke, 1098 MCFD. And produced 6.8 BO hourly with a minimal .3 BOW hourly, multiplied by 24 hours is 163 BOPD and 7.2 BOWPD. Once again we thank our partners for standing firm with us as we have waited a very long time to get this well stimulated and placed on line.
All the Best,

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